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"the nine of us being together is more important than anything else." - hyoyeon.

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Carmilla | Episode 1 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella


Holy shit do you need to watch this! This is amazing webseries Co-Created & Written by Jordan Hall. At least three of the main characters are queer :)

It’s hilarious and exciting and has vampires and great representation and a great cast (holy frosted flakes are these people hot) 

If you do one thing tonight it should be binge-watching this!!!


[whispers] don’t think of carmilla throughout her life looking at the stars with astonishment and forever believing that there is nothing that can compare to them but when she meets laura she finds herself spending less time with her head up and more times (than she’d care to admit) looking at laura and wondering how the beauty of a full night sky is now lacking in comparison to her naive smalltown roommate 

cookie-stealing roommate from hell - requested by anon


just fyi: carmilla the series is just three useless lesbians with their very married moms stuck in a crazy university in the middle of Austria.

carmilla reading while laura does her thing - requested by delphelix


Can we just talk about the fact that Carmilla got in between Lauren and perceived danger? Can we talk about the fact that when Danny went to attack Carmilla she just stood her ground and let Danny tackle her? Can we talk about the fact that Carmilla could have killed Danny and LaFontaine if she wanted to but they just ended up with mild injuries? CAN WE TALK ABOUT CARMILLA LIKING LAUREN SO MUCH THAT SHE WON’T HURT LAUREN’S FRIENDS? CAN WE? *cries*



*seduction eyes*



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